Blackboard I: Introduction to Blackboard

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This workshop is meant to acquaint you with Blackboard, NIU’s Web Course Management System, and prepare you to manage and teach your courses online.

You will get an overview of Blackboard’s course layout and navigation, be exposed to various course development tools, and discover communication and assessment features.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Use the features of the Blackboard Control Panel
  • Add, revise, and control availability of content in an online course
  • Structure a course by using folders, customizing the course menu, and adding events to the course calendar



Self-Paced Blackboard I Web Tutorial

Blackboard Quick Start Guides

Blackboard Getting Started Guide (Faculty)

2 Responses

  1. Annette

    I wonder what the difference between the Blackboard and MOOCS is? Could you please tell me? Thanks.

    • Tracy Miller

      Thank you for your question on the difference between Blackboard and MOOC. Blackboard is a learning management system, it’s the one you learned about in Cameron’s presentation. Here in the U.S. and NIU we use Blackboard as a place for students to go online and learn from their faculty by using many features. A MOOC is a collection of words that was shortened down to its initials, Massive Open Online Course. Like AUFE is short for Anhui University of Finance and Economics. So a MOOC is a large (really large -Massive) online class, which is open to anyone (part of a university or not part of a university) and MOOCs are usually free.
      People can use Blackboard and it’s features to create and participant in MOOCs, as a matter of fact Blackboard the company has a special place for MOOCs, it’s call Open Education Powered by Blackboard. I found a MOOC on the Principles of Economics from Chung Ang University on Open Education Powered by Blackboard. Here’s the web link