Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning

Teaching in the online environment involves principles and practices unlike traditional face-to-face instruction methods. Unique pedagogical and pragmatic considerations for teaching online must be considered when contemplating the development of an online course. In this session, we will introduce the unique characteristics of online instruction and provide an overview of the components in an engaging and interactive online course. This workshop is designed for those who are new to online teaching and those who want to refresh their knowledge about online teaching fundamentals.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Define online learning and other key terms
  • List the components of online courses and examples of tools used for online teaching
  • Explain why online courses are usually as good or better than face-to-face courses


Online Teaching Workshop Evaluation

Workshop Presentation

Key Terminology for Online Learning Handout

Online Learning Consortium


Quality Matters

Reflection Activity on Online Teaching